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CORE Standards

CORE is the Heart of Everything We Do

At InnerChange, all of our programs are rooted in a shared set of fundamental beliefs we call CORE, which stands for Connected, Outcomes, Relational, and Experiential. CORE is our proven method for delivering the highest level of clinical care and academic instruction.

More than a philosophy, CORE is what ties our programs together. It is the heart of how our programs are developed and operated. This set of tested healing principles is what sets us above others in the industry. It is our unmatched standards of quality and the mechanisms we have in place to ensure quality consistency every single day, that elevates our level of care.

We are focused on helping individuals and families achieve life-long healing and success. No other company can show a measured commitment to continuous quality improvement like the InnerChange programs do. To facilitate ongoing improvement, each of our programs participates in a rigorous CORE review process twice a year to identify any quality and process gaps.



The InnerChange family of programs is united through systemic approaches in therapy, academics, and management. Our commitment to being connected goes well beyond our work with individuals and their families. It begins from the inside out.

While each program is unique, having their own attributes and areas of expertise, our shared philosophies unite us in facilitating the sharing of knowledge, providing continuous learning opportunities and creating industry best practices.


When it comes to a person’s mental health and well being, measuring the outcomes of treatment success is not subjective. As a pioneer and leader in quality outcomes, we have gathered more outcome data than any other provider over the past ten years.

InnerChange has collected thousands of data points for more than a decade and can demonstrate with confidence the effectiveness of our treatment. Almost ninety-percent of clients served by InnerChange do not readmit after program completion. We track students and families progress for up to two years after treatment, making unparalleled commitments to continue to ensure lasting healing. What does this mean? Simply put, thousands of adolescents and young adults are leading happy and productive lives with their families. And that’s pretty special.


At InnerChange, being relational means using the meaning and power of relationships with others to influence and help their success and healing. This is a central part of our programs, both with our students and with our staff.

Relationships with family, friends, mentors, teachers and other supportive people are a key factor in a person’s likelihood to succeed. We believe, if we build trusting, supportive and genuine relationships with students, they will rise to the expectations we have set for them.

We invest in unique and powerful employee growth; mentorship and training initiatives so that they have the tools to build, nurture and sustain relationships in their own personal lives, as well as in their work.


Being experiential means we are intentional in creating experiences that provide insight and motivation. We use first-hand experiences to educate and treat students and families, and to manage our own teams. Whether we are teaching employees how to lead, helping clients prepare for the transition back home or instructing a student in algebraic equations, we believe the creative application of an experience will always be more effective than a lecture.

Our programs use action-based therapies as a foundation of their curricula. Examples include recreation therapy, equine therapy, expressive arts therapy, music therapy, wilderness therapy, adventure therapy, and psychodrama. We know that experiential therapies are powerful for young people, especially for those being treated for substance abuse, addiction, depression, and related conditions.