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InnerChange is a family of long term residential treatment programs united by a shared commitment to quality care, collaboration, and innovation. Our CORE model is committed to systemic, outcome-based, experiential and relational care, providing common language and structure to the way we care for our students and clients. We want every young person and their family to find success after residential treatment, so that they never need intensive therapy again. Your families will find comfort and success with our InnerChange programs.

Currently our family consists of six programs: Chrysalis School Montana, Lake House Academy, Fushear Treatment to Transition, New Haven, Oakley School and Sunrise Residential Treatment Center.We intend to open our arms and welcome new programs to our One Family. As One Family, we share our best practices, offer help to those who are struggling and push each other to be the best we can be. See our residential therapy veteran team, and how they are leading the way




What unites us? Though we may be diverse in terms of who we serve, and our tools of service are unique to our Programs, we are united by a common manner of serving. Together we rally around four key CORE concepts.


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